About the SMED Program

SMED was conceived in 1990 by the faculty at Southern University. It was implemented in 1998, enrolled its first students in spring of 1999. This Doctor of Philosophy program is the only Ph. D. program in science and mathematics education, with master’s level proficiency in mathematics and science content in Louisiana.

This interdisciplinary doctoral program is designed for students who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry or biology. If you enter this program without the master’s degree or equivalent in one of these content areas, you will earn a M.S. degree or complete a master’s equivalency during the course of study. The objectives of the Program are the production of new knowledge, processes, and products in science/mathematics and educational technology; the production of an ethnically diverse cadre of research scholars and educational leaders.

Length of the Program
Students entering the program with an appropriate Master’s Degree can normally complete the Ph.D. requirements within three years of diligent study. The minimum credit requirements are: 63 credits beyond the Bachelor’s Degree or 36 credits beyond the Master’s Degree with an additional 12 credits of dissertation research. Currently you can complete 40% of the degree requirements online.

Career Prospects
The SMED Program prepares you for a variety of careers, including: research and university-level teaching (in science and mathematics education), teaching postsecondary (mathematics, computer science, or a natural science), college administration, school district curriculum leadership, instructional program design (in industry), editorial positions(in scientific publishing), scientific writing and software development ,and  independent consulting in E-Learning.

Program Delivery
The SMED program is a 60:40 Hybrid Online Program. This program requires you to commute only 60% of your time to campus. A total of 40% of the program is fully delivered online and advisement is partially done using modern telecommunication and conferencing tools.

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